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Quainton News archive - Quainton News No. 35 - Summer 1978

Society Notes

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J R Fairman - Track in the New Up Yard Building Easter, 1978

Locomotive Department:

The fate that befell the Beattie and 7715 on 30th April and the way Del's Peckett saved the day have been described elsewhere in this issue. Before that weekend 7715's brake gear had been overhauled and a quick repaint in BR 1947 style carried out. Work had also continued on L44 and the next job would have been re-wheeling but this has been delayed by the spate of current problems. Coventry's tubes are out and this retubing is, of course, a planned replacement job. No. 7 Sentinel has also had a part retubing while the restoration work in its compatriot in the up yard, Isebrook, is progressing very well; a new coal bunker and other accessories have been fitted recently. Reg is still working on Chislet's connecting rod journals and crank pins and David is carrying out some refitting of pipework and running gear on his Barclay, Alexander. David is also trying to make the vintage Hunslet Trym more like a locomotive! Neville Chamberlin has repainted Austerity No. 66 in a light apple green livery and she looks very presentable. News has been filtering into the Editorial office that Neville has purchased 4979 Wootton Hall [Note 1] from Barry and it will soon be coming to Quainton to join its stable mate Wightwick Hall. Our own Hall was moved, still as an 0-6-0, from the reception platform early in April, down the yard to near the King. Tarmac was the shunter - how useful Nigel's diesel has been in moving stock in the past year. We hope to have more news of King Edward I in the next issue but rumours of its possible move from Quainton can be firmly refuted. Dennis Howell is working on his Pannier, 9466, and has used air tools for cleaning the front tube plate while, at his home, he is remetalling the eccentrics and overhauling small parts. David Potter is also doing good work on Hornpipe and the boiler was inspected and given a hydraulic test early in May while Frank Boait has even found a little time to attend to his unusual Peckett 1900. We were pleased to see Dick Hall with new clutch linings for the Kerr Stuart diesel on May Day; perhaps it will be possible to have the old faithful in action again soon.

Carriage and Wagon Department:

At Easter the train of five coaches was run for the very first time and our vintage train carried 5232 passengers. The extra 50 seats of the MSLR coach were very valuable and the additional braking power of the LNWR Cell Van gave a marked improvement in the smoothness of operation. Thanks to the chippy from the JCS and to Tony Lyster all the coaches were in really good order for the traffic but we were unhappy at the external appearance and look forward to the time we can apply varnish and paint under the protection of the Wembley building roof. Thanks also to Ray Hedley for connecting the Cinema Coach to the mains while it is in the Cattle Dock. It is perhaps a pity we cannot leave the coach there but the space is required for the new refreshment vehicle, hopefully a Hawksworth full passenger brake.

At the end of the season we are planning to bring the GNR six compartment six wheeler into the restoration building for attention and we may be acquiring the MSLR three compartment brake, which we now part own, and bringing it from its present home, Chacewater. Another coach purchased by the GC Coach Group will be coming to Quainton and it is one of the last LNWR corridors. It will soon be moving to Bicester and will come into our site, either by road or by a slew. Meanwhile, in the down yard, the LNWR Saloon body, No. 68, is being converted by Peter Hoskings to a branch of the Sales Shop and Mike Gorden continues his great job of external restoration on the twelve wheeled kitchen-diner. On the privately owned coaches, Chris Britten has been busy sealing the roof, gutters and side panelling on his sleeping car, 592 and Dennis Howells has been working on his Toad, W68766, putting in a new floor, fitting a bench, painting and glazing.

Permanent Way Department:

The realigned main line and the points were well bedded in at Easter and relaying of the head shunt continued back towards the station. One new point is required for the second road into the Wembley shed. The up yard headshunt is now completely cleared by the JCS lads who may move some of the pot sleepers for reuse on the other side. More help from members is needed in this Department. You cannot run trains without sound permanent way.

Signals and Telegraph Department:

The signalling alterations are being finalised before submitting the drawings to the D of E. Meanwhile certain posts are to be put in and Trevor Chalmers deserves plenty of support so that his Department can meet the wishes of members expressed at the AGM (See the report in this issue.)


The big news is the arrival of the turntable from Hitchin on 3rd June by Mike Lawrence Transport. It is a 60ft table and is believed to be one of the last cast iron tables in the country. The last steam locomotive reported to have been turned on our new prize was 7029 Clun Castle back in 1964, when running tours out of Kings Cross.

The viewing path for visitors in the down yard has been dug out and laid, bases have been put down for ticket / entrance huts, and more roof repairs have been done on the station building. David Potter has continued his excellent work in the workshop stores and Ray Hedley's noble efforts on the wiring and electrical work have also made further progress.


Our Treasurer and his wife have an addition to stock! Congratulations to them both on the safe arrival of Sarah Elizabeth who entered service early in April and is being measured up for a boilersuit.

1 - Wootton Hall did not come to Quainton, not leaving Barry scrapyard until 1986. It is now in the care of the Furness Railway Trust at Preston.

The text in this Quainton Railway Society publication was written in 1978 and so does not reflect events in the 36+ years since publication. The text and photographs are repeated verbatim from the original publication, with only a few minor grammar changes but some clarifying notes are added if deemed necessary. The photos from the original publication are provided as scans in this internet version of this long out of print publication.

Society Notes - Quainton News No. 35 - Summer 1978

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