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LNWR Combination Truck

Combination Truck awaiting repaint

Tim Cook - Combination Truck awaiting repaint

Built by the LNWR prior to the grouping for the carriage of motor cars and carts, this vehicle latterly saw service as a 'cell truck', being used for the carrying of batteries to and from British Rail works, and is hence floored with lead.

It would probably have been finished in "quick brown", a colour very similar to the carriage lake, lined in yellow with yellow letters and numbers on the doors. The famous LNWR two-tone livery was not applied to these vehicles after about 1900. On about 1916 the LNWR stopped applying lining to all its non-passenger coaching stock, and letters and numbers changed to white. This is the livery that the vehicle has been restored to at present, though it is intended to restore it to full lined out livery into the not too distant future.

Whilst built on 28th June 1911 LMS records show the vehicles as being built in 1912, not 1911; the plate on the solebar reflecting this. The 1911 LNWR accounting year ran to 31st May, so anything built from 1st June 1911 to 31st May 1912 was regarded by the LMS as being built in 1912. When the LMS took the vehicle over in 1923 it was renumbered. It was then fitted with standard LMS axleboxes and builders plates.

The wagon was converted to a cell truck, for carrying coach batteries in 1954. It was probably then when it was given the number CDM395080. It will be noted that end doors are fitted for the loading of road vehicles. It arrived at Quainton on 21st January 1974, and has gone through several ownerships since its arrival. The vehicle has six-wheels and is 30 foot long.

A Century on Rails - A Sequel to the Stockbook - Trevor Page - Quainton News No.59 Spring 1986

Origin :- LNWR Date Built :- 28th June 1911
(1912 accounting year)
Number :- LNWR - 11388
LMS - 36895
Diagram :- 440 Lot :- A.476 Tare Weight :- 16 tons
Type :- Combination Truck Builder :- LNWR Wolverton Owner :- QRS
Status :- Restored Location :- Buffer Depot Museum Wheelbase :- 10' 0" + 10' 0"
Accession No.: W/0134 Arrival Date :- Quainton - 1974
QRS - 2004

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