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Hibberd 0-4-0DM No. 3765 Tarmac

Tarmac in Down Yard 2nd July 2009

Colin Ashman - Tarmac in Down Yard 2nd July 2009

Hibberd No. 3765 was delivered in 1955 to Crow Catchpole & Co. Ltd, of Hayes, Middlesex, and ownership passed to Tarmac Roadstone Holdings Ltd, when the company was taken over. The engine was used to haul BR 16-ton mineral wagons over a wagon tippler at the Hayes plant until the increased traffic in the late fifties became too much for the small loco. A larger, Ruston, machine was acquired at this time and the Hibberd kept as a spare. The heavier work at the Hayes plant was due to increased road-building activities and hence a greater demand for stone.

In 1969 the traffic pattern changed again as Tarmac Ltd. took advantage of a government grant to enable 'block train' operation at the plant. Thereafter both locos became redundant as BR diesels worked direct into the plant.

The Hibberd was acquired by two QRS members and transferred to Quainton, arriving on 20th April 1974. Fairly major attention to the bodywork was necessary, but other than this the locomotive required little attention. On completion of the work No. 3765 was painted in the company's green livery. It was then regularly used on shunting work. It was named Tarmac when it came to Quainton. It was donated by its owners to QRS in 2001.

Marketed by Hibberd under the 'Planet' tradename, the locomotive is similar to the Motorail Company's 'Simplex' design. This 4-wheeled locomotive is fitted with a Dorman 3DL engine delivering 57hp, with electric starting and a dynamo for battery charging. Drive is via chains and sprockets from a three-speed gearbox. The box shaped body is 14 ft long, 9 ft wide, has an overall height is 12 ft and has a 6 ft wheelbase. It has air brakes which are operated at 80 p.s.i. from an air compressor. It is fitted with sanding equipment. Front and rear headlights permit after dark operation.

The original colour scheme was Brunswick green with black and white lining, while the frames were painted black and the wheels were lined in white. The cab interior is finished in a yellow hue, while the engine proper is green with a grey gearbox. After its original restoration this livery was maintained, although the green was of an olive tint to more closely conform to the firms livery. Tarmac nameplates were to be fitted in recognition of the generosity of the formal owners.

During 2008 / 9 this locomotive was overhauled, with rewiring and external repainting completed. After final alterations to the timing, the loco is now available as the Down Yard shunter.

Tarmac - Quainton News No. 20 - Summer 1974

Builder :- Hibberd Date Built :- 1955 Works No. :- 3765
Running No. :- - Name :- Tarmac Wheel Arrangement :- 0-4-0DM
Tractive Effort :- 57 hp Boiler Pressure :- n/a Cylinder Dimensions :- -
Weight :- 11t 0c Driving Wheel Dia. :- 3' 3" Owner :- QRS
Status :- Operational Location :- Down Yard Accession Number :- W/0146
Arrival Date :- Quainton 1974 / QRS 2001

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