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Quainton News Archive - Quainton News No. 39 - Autumn / Winter 1980

Society Notes

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N Halliday - Footbridge Support - 25th June 1979

The problem of corrosion of the principal beams of the footbridge has troubled us since we started using it for access between the platforms some eight years ago. Painting and other maintenance work has been carried out both by our members and by BR since that time, but the responsibility for the structure is BR's and it has continued to deteriorate. In June, a supporting tower was put into position by their engineers to reduce the span and strongbacks were bolted in position under the steps from the brick piers to the centre horizontal section. Later this year the bridge will be lifted down and a decision will be made on repair or to replace it by a bridge purchased by the Society from the London Borough of Lewisham.

Locomotive Department :

The Beattie and Del's Peckett performed nobly throughout the season, but there is concern at the considerable sums of money required to keep an adequate stud of locomotives in working order. Active steps are being taken to put in hand necessary skilled maintenance work. Coventry No. 1 did not have its retubing finished and time did not allow Hornpipe to enter service in 1979. Chislet has also had a setback because new bearings are needed for the rear axle. They will be cast and fitted this winter - and it is hoped to have the big Yorky in steam in 1980. One item of good news is the successful steaming of Isebrook by Alan Bolton on 25th August. Our Broom & Wade diesel has proved to be beyond our facilities for repair, but more work by members is to be done on the locomotive before seeking outside assistance. On 18th August, a Department of Transport inspection was made of our Loco Department, which was generally satisfactory with regards to Society records and safety. Progress continues to be made on the 7200 Appeal, but interest free loans are sought and success must be ours next year if the effort is sustained. Discussions have continued on the 6024 / QRS venture and we hope to make an announcement soon.

Carriage and Wagon :

Ray Hedley made the electric cable connections into W64, the Refreshment Coach for the August Open Days - and the improvement was much appreciated. A boiler for the catering section is now being obtained. Arrangements are being made for two wagons to go in the down yard, one for rubbish and one for scrap. A sleeper compound will be used in the up yard. The Gresley Brake coach restoration is making good progress and looks very smart in its imitation teak livery. Hopefully the repairs to the building roof over the LNWR Diner will cure the water ingress. Mike Gordon has been in touch with the NRM, comparing the restoration of their No. 76 (which ran on the BR Centenary Catering Specials) and our No. 77. It is proposed to turn the GNR six-wheeled brake coach next time there is a crane at Quainton. It may be of interest to record the sale to the M&GN Jt Society of the QRS of a one-third share of the GER carriage at Sheringham. On 10th November the Cinema Coach was moved into the up yard Restoration Building for major restoration.

Signal and Telegraph :

Two block instruments have been obtained for the new signalling system. The plan of the layout has been prepared by Simon Field with advice from Dennis Howells and instructions written up for submission to the D of T. We are very grateful to Simon for his donation of an automatic telephone exchange for installation in the station building in the partitioned section of the former kitchen. The Buntingford and Braughing ground frame has been moved for the P W. Although not our S & T News, mention should be made of the construction by the Post Office Telephones of the new telephone exchange in the field behind the up yard opposite the station. Ducts have been laid through our site and there was some temporary obstruction to our entrance for a few days.

Depot :

A small work force is painting the Wembley building steelwork and an order has been placed to carry out the roof and side cladding by the Tube Construction Ltd who originally built the structure. The Midland van has been adapted as a mobile platform to reach the trusses and can be seen in the photo in this issue. A wooden hut has been donated to the Society and is being use temporarily as an additional sales stand in the up yard. The considerable activities MSC schemes is reported elsewhere in this issue. The Executive have agreed to open in 1980 on the four Bank Holiday weekends on the Sundays and Mondays only, the last Sunday in the month from April to October, and all Sundays in July and August. Steamings at Xmas and the New Year will be considered after the experience of the coming trial this season. It is also planned to have substantial outside attractions at the site for the major Open Days in 1980.

Permanent Way :

Work in hand includes the up yard shed road No. 4 which is finished, the overshoot spur in the down yard, the sidings into the Wembley building, and continuing activity on lining and packing the down yard running track and the longer term project of restoring the up yard tracks to safe standards. The section is pleased to welcome back Rik Hunter to Quainton.

Public Relations :

We note that Austin Harland has resigned from the office of PRO due entirely to family commitments. Chris Taylor has stepped into the vacancy on a temporary basis, with assistance from Ian Walker and others helping as required. Chris will deal with Schools Visits and other special parties until further notice.

The text in this Quainton Railway Society publication was written in 1980 and so does not reflect events in the 34+ years since publication. The text and photographs are repeated verbatim from the original publication, with only a few minor grammar changes but some clarifying notes are added if deemed necessary. The photos from the original publication are provided as scans in this internet version of this long out of print publication.

Society Notes - Quainton News No. 39 - Autumn / Winter 1980

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