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LNER 5-Compartment Brake 3rd No. 41384

LNER Brake as BR E16076E on Santa special 1991

Robert Frise - LNER Brake as BR E16076E on Santa special 1991

The semi-elliptical roof and rounded ends of this coach identify it as one of the many produced by the LNER under the direction of Sir Nigel Gresley. 41384 was built at Doncaster in 1938 to diagram 37A, lot 837. It was allocated new to the GN section but saw service all over the LNER system. Under the 1946 renumbering, it became 16076, and subsequently British Rail renumbered it E16076E upon nationalisation, when varnished teak livery gave way to BR paint finishes.

Dr Beeching and the modernisation plans spelt the end of the line for timber-bodied rolling stock and by the end of 1964, few Gresley designed coaches remained in service. However, 41384 survived in traffic until around 1965 with a handful of Brake 3rds and Brake Composites, being condemned that year. But instead of being dispatched to the breakers, it was taken into departmental use. It is possible that this happened as early as November 1964, though most evidence suggests it survived in revenue earning service into 1965.

Discovered by the Society at Cambridge, where it had been derelict for a number of years, it was moved to Quainton on the 23rd September 1970, along with a number of other items of coaching stock. Although not in good condition when acquired, it was still basically complete. The all-wood body is divided into five third class compartments seating 30 persons, with a side corridor and brake end. It is 61ft 6in long, with two 8ft 6in wheelbase bogies at 43ft centres. The lengthy job of restoring 41384 began in late 1976, and was in service for a number of years in the late 1980s and early 1990s, before being withdrawn for maintenance in December 1993.

The Gresley and Other Coaches - Quainton News No. 38 - Spring / Summer 1979
A Century on Rails - A Sequel to the Stockbook - Trevor Page - Quainton News No.59 Spring 1986

LNER Brake on Up Yard service with Mark 1 and King 6024

Robert Frise - LNER Brake on Up Yard service with Mark 1 and King 6024

Origin :- LNER Date Built :- 1938 Number :- LNER to 1946 - 41384
LNER from 1946 - 16076
BR - E16076E
Departmental - DE321058
Type :- BTK Brake 3rd Builder :- LNER Doncaster Owner :- QRS
Status :- In Store Location :- Buffer Depot Museum Accession Number :- W/0035
Arrival Date :- 1971

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