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Collett Gangwayed Passenger Brake No. 64

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Robert Frise - Collett W64 in use as the refreshment vehicle

This bogie van was one of a batch built with the same outline to the 1938-built passenger stock. They were used in passenger trains where extra luggage or parcel space was required, and of course on mail or newspaper services. W64 still retains its destination board brackets for use on passenger trains. From 1935 onwards, all passenger brake vans, except Ocean Mail stock were painted at Swindon in an all-brown livery without any lining. W64 was subsequently repainted into British Rail monastral blue, and this was its livery on arrival at Quainton.

Originally the vehicle had a central guard's compartment between two luggage sections. This has now been removed as the coach was converted by the QRS for the sale of refreshments and snacks.

Withdrawn 1977, No. 64 was delivered to Quainton in 1978 and remained for a time in British Rail blue, but it was later repainted in GWR chocolate and cream. This is not strictly the correct livery for the coach as in 1941 was 'outshopped' in plain chocolate, partly due to wartime restrictions. It was thought however that this would have been rather dull for the vehicles' intended use, so someartist's licence has been taken and the familiar two-tone scheme employed. With the new refreshment facilities in the Rewley Road Visitor Centre, it was intended that No. 64 would ultimately returned to its correct original livery. For a time it was in use as a staff training vehicle, but it proved to be surplus to requirements. It was therefore sold and moved to a new private site in June 2012.

The New Coaching Stock - Quainton News No. 38 Spring / Summer 1979

Collett_64L2.jpg (103,803 bytes)

Robert Frise - Collett W64 in Up Yard cattledock

Origin :- GWR Date Built :- August 1941 Number :- 64
Diagram :- K44 Lot :- 1667 Tare Weight :- -
Type :- Full Brake Builder :- GWR Swindon Wheelbase :- -
Accession No. :- W/0046 (Deleted)        

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