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Courtesy IMDB - Original film poster
Detail screen shot inside Quainton Road Waiting Room

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Screen shot of Quainton Road Main Station Building, platforms and footbridge

Actors - Tom Courtenay as Gerald Arthur Otley, Romy Schneider as Imogen, Leonard Rossiter as Johnson, Freddie Jones as Philip Proudfoot and James Bolam as Albert

Director - Dick Clement

Writer - Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais

Description - Slightly cheating on this one, but parts of this was filmed at Quainton Railway Station shortly before QRS took over the site. Spoof comedy spy film starring Tom Courtenay and by written by Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais. Quainton Road station features in several scenes, including Ronald Lacey (German Major in Raiders of the Lost Ark) as Curtis pacing back and forth across the footbridge; with the Buffer Depot, the Brill Platform hut and an empty Down Yard clearly in shot. The film also includes a long scene apparently inside the Platform 1 building waiting room, from which the historically interesting detail screen shot above is taken.

A short article appeared in this article in Quainton News in 1976.

Rolling Stock Used - None.

Availability - Region 1 (USA) DVD is available, as is a harder to get Region 2 (UK) release. There are also excerpts on Youtube.

IMDB - Otley

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