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Brill Hut (Platform 2)

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Photo: Tony Lyster - Brill Hut on platform 2 / 3

This was probably built at same time as the main brick station building, but made entirely out of timber. It was identical to the one at the former Waddesdon Manor Station a mile and a half towards Aylesbury. Originally built as the waiting shelter for the Brill Tramway on Platform 3 with its doors facing Platform 2. For many years it served as the Societies main sales outlet, but it is now used to house the Story of the Brill Tramway and electrically lit.

The main timber frames of this waiting room were carried on wall plates on brick walls forming the foundations below ground. The roof is semi-circular in section and is made of longitudinal boards supported by frames of timber with vertical iron tie rods. The zinc roof drains rainwater to ogee gutters and rectangular down pipes. The zinc sheet covering the distinctive barrel roof was replaced in 2010 with a grant from WREN and a top up from Bucks Historical Buildings. The original cast iron gutters are now plastic.

At one time the waiting room had a wooden floor over a 3ft 6" deep cellar in which we once stored more valuable locomotive spares, but since then this has been filled in and a concrete floor laid. This is the only significant alteration we have carried out, but when British Railways moved out in 1966 a villager kept his car in it by turning the Calvert end into doors and the floor into a car maintenance pit. This was subsequently boarded up, initially to form a sales shop window.

The original T & G boarding and the curved roof are the two distinctive features of the Brill Waiting Room, where for nearly 40 years passengers waited for the tram after the journey on the main line.

The Brill Waiting Room - Quainton News No. 32 - Summer 1977

Origin :- Great Central and Met Joint Date Built :- 1897 / 8 Number :- N/A
Type :- Building Builder :- ????? Owner QRS
Status :- Operational Location :- Platform 2 / 3

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