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Station Building (Quainton Road Platform 1)

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Tony Lyster - Village Side of Quainton Road Station
Tony Lyster - Platform 1 side of Quainton Road Station

This was constructed as the time of the Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway's London Extension which opened in 1899. The current Quainton Road station was probably therefore built by 1897 or 1898. Unlike the pure GCR stations of a similar size, which are island stations, this is built in the more conventional style to one side, as were the other joint stations with the Metropolitan Railway. It is constructed of blue brick on the lowest 4 courses, with local red brick on the corners and as a decorative trace line. It has a local yellow brick infill and pinkish sandstone corners to windows, doorframes and all window sills. The building is 79 feet long by just over 12 feet wide with a further 7 foot of canopy. A full length canopy runs on the rail side, whilst a smaller one covers the entrance. Built without electric or gas, lighting was by oil lamp. Rainwater collected from the roof emptied into a sump under the Station Master´s office and was hand pumped into roof tanks for lavatory flushing, tea making, etc. The now non-operational hand pump and operational sump are still in place. Lavatory sewerage empties to a biological digester installed in the 1890´s which automatically empties clean water into the field drains. The lamp room, now used as a telcoms room, has a solid concrete ceiling as a fire resistant measure.

Changes made since 1969

Electricity has now been installed throughout the building, with internal telephones and mains water. There is still (2013) no mains gas in the village. The Booking Office and Waiting Room floors were found to have rotted through in the 1970´s and have since been filled in with concrete. The walls of Booking Office and Waiting Room floors were both found to have dry rot in the brickwork under the plaster in 1987. The internal walls were rebuilt in slightly altered positions to allow 2 extra ladies loos and 2 canopy beams (wooden) were replaced around the same time. The ladies loo fireplace was removed to replace the damaged example in the Booking Hall. The Gents loo never had one, perhaps men were considered hardier! The Waiting room fireplace is still in use. The original cast iron down pipes now plastic and the platform side canopy has a modern covering to it. In 2013 the rooflight over the Gents toilet was replaced kindly funded by AVDCHT for £1000.

Bricks and Mortar - Depot News - Quainton News No. 62 - Spring 1987

Origin :- Great Central Railway Date Built :- 1897 / 8 Number :- N/A
Type :- Building Builder :- ????? Owner QRS
Status :- Operational Location :- Platform 1

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