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The Unrepeatable Who Dare Wins


Actors - Julia Hills, Rory Mcgrath, Jimmy Mulville, Philip Pope, Tony Robinson, Robert Bathurst, Michael Fenton-Stevens

Producer - Andy Hamilton

Writer - Terence Dackombe, Colin Bostock-Smith, Andy Hamilton, Guy Jenkin, Rory McGrath, Jimmy Mulville, Laurie Rowley, Tony Sarchet, Steve Brown, Jon Canter, Philip Pope

Description - A one day filming contract during summer 1986 for the Channel 4 late night comedy series The Unrepeatable Who Dare Wins. Metropolitan No.1 and Gresley coach 41384 featured in most of the action, which centred on an old-time film company making a Charlie Chaplin feature "The Undiscovered Chaplin". The basic plot centred on the fact that Charlie got it all wrong. This resulted in the 'heroine', in a 'girl tied to the railway line scene', actually getting run over by mistake, and various murders and other crimes being committed. There was also a trouserless commuter wandering about the station, which caused some confusion at site. This was probably Tony Robinson, who did wander around various sketches in this series in various states of undress!

During the filming of the 'heroine' scene, a dummy was substituted for the young lady before the crucial shot and the loco crew that day said they looked long and hard just to make sure!. The episode was screened in October 1986.

Rolling Stock Used - Metropolitan No.1 and Gresley No. 41384.

Availability - A rather poor version is on Youtube, see Episode 4. A VHS video was available, sometimes turning up on Ebay and Amazon as second hand copies. No DVD versions available as far as known.

IMDB - The Unrepeatable Who Dare Wins.

Met. No. 1 on Channel 4 by Trevor Page - Quainton News No. 61 Autumn / Winter 1986 / 87

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