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MR 2944 Brake Corridor Clerestory

This coach arrived at Quainton on the 23rd September 1970. It had left Watford Carriage Depot on the 29th August 1970 and moved to Aylesbury. Here it joined the LNER Brake 3rd No. 41384, the LNER Buffet No. 9118 and the LNWR 1st Class Diner No. 77, moving with them to Quainton in a large stock move over the 22nd and 23rd of September.

The external appearance of this brake composite corridor bogie carriage is distinguished by a handsome clerestory along the length of the roof which has the characteristically curved profile of Clayton's design. It also has the rectangular form of panelling, windows and drop lights of that designer. In fact, it needed only a little imagination to visualise the coach running on a Scotch express from St. Pancras headed by a Midland Spinner, and this feeling was heightened when stepping into the first class compartments. Internally it had retained much of the elaborate decor and furnishing of the early years of the 20th century. The Lincrusta paper was intact, the elaborate panelling was still in place and the sepia prints of holiday resorts served by the LMS were in their frames over the comfortable seats. Some compartments had been gutted and the toilet had been converted into a photographic dark room and fitted out with a cupboard and a sink. This little room had been redecorated by painting it matt black.

It was originally sold to Derby Corporation c.1972, but did not leave site until the 23rd March 1974. It was stored in Derby until c.1975, before being moved to the Midland Railway Centre, Butterley.

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Origin :- Midland Railway Date Built :- 1905 Number :- Midland - 2944
LMS - 7263
Departmental - DM198829
Diagram :- 470 Lot :- 569
Type :- Brake Corridor Builder :- Midland Railway

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