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LMS Passenger Brake Van No. 33014

Stove Van in store in Buffer Depot

Robert Frise - Stove Van in store in Buffer Depot

Restored Stove Van during 2015 Steam Gala

Robert Frise - Restored Stove Van during 2015 Steam Gala

The LMS built a number of these vans which were a 1930's redesign of the earlier, wooden Victorian full brakes once so common on our railways. This six-wheeled vehicle would normally have been used as extra luggage accommodation on passenger services, or as part of a parcels train. Inside, the van is completely open, having no partitions or separate guard's compartment. There are corridor connections at each end. A small stove is provided for heating. These were in fact referred to as 'Stove Vans' by British Rail, as they could be used as guard's vans on parcels trains not fitted with steam heating. The Stove van has an all steel underframe and cladding but its bodywork is timber framed.

This van was purchased by the Sentinel Trust from British Railways at Hexthrope Yard, Doncaster. After purchase it was moved by rail to Aylesbury, arriving there on the 29th May 1975. The van was then moved to Quainton by road, as a track slew from the mainline was not due in the near future. No. 33014 arrived at Quainton on 3rd July 1975; this vehicle remained in British Rail blue livery for many years. For a number of years the stove van served as the Sentinel Trust's accommodation and mess van.

After completion of an extensive restoration this LMS Stove R Van can be added to the Up Yard trains for the first time in preservation. This van is now very fully restored to exhibition standard, was launched into traffic on Sunday October 5th. The LMS Stove R van has been shunted around at Quainton over the years and in both yards but, this will be the first time it has been in "revenue service". The restoration has been most thorough and the work includes a new roof, new steel side panels and new timber interior. Provision has been made to allow access by wheel chaired passengers through the existing double doors.

According to the Vintage Carriages Trust's Heritage Carriage Survey 15 Stove vans were preserved though some have been given other uses or await restoration. Only 4 others have been restored to LMS livery like ours. The Bluebell one now runs in Pullman colours as a support vehicle in their Wine & Dine operation.

An LMS Stove Van Arrives - by John Hutchings - Quainton News No. 25 Autumn 1975
A Century on Rails - A Sequel to the Stockbook - Trevor Page - Quainton News No.59 Spring 1986

Origin :- LMS Date Built :- 1939 Number :- 33014
Diagram :- 2000 Lot :- 1262 Tare Weight :- -
Type :- 6 Wheel PBV Builder :- LMS Wolverton Owner :- QRS
Status :- Restored Location :- Up Yard Wheelbase :- 10' 6" + 10' 6"
Accession No.: W/0047 Arrival Date :- Quainton 1975
QRS 2005

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