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Baguley Drewry Ltd.
Snobnall Road Works, Burton-on-Trent

Baguley Cars Ltd. was founded in September 1911 by Major Ernest E Baguley, previously chief draughtsman of W G Bagnall. They commenced building a range of internal combustion engined road vehicles, railcars, locomotives and rolling stock. They did not follow the 'normal' practice of building steam first and then diesel or petrol, but started in the opposite fashion, not building their first steam rail engine until 1920. But even this was almost an 'accident', as the locomotive was intended to be a petrol hydraulic machine but the transmission components were held up because of the 1914 - 18 war, so it was converted to a steam engine! Altogether the company built some 31 steam locos.

In 1914 a working agreement was made with the Drewry Car Company Ltd. for the manufacture of internal combustion engined railcars, and in 1915 Major Baguley purchased the business of McEwan Pratt and Company to aid this association.

Baguley (Engineers) Ltd., the successor company to Baguley Cars Ltd., build some locomotives on behalf of F. C. Hibberd & Co Ltd., who had no premises of their own until 1932. In 1931 Baguley (Engineers) Ltd. failed, with subsequent production at new premises at Clarence Street, as E. E. Baguley Ltd. Later Baguley and Drewry combined and still build locomotives today under the name Baguley Drewry Ltd.

Further Reading: Weaver, R.C. - Baguley Locomotives 1914-1931 - Industrial Railway Society - 1974 (OOP)

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