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Great North of Scotland Railway Underframe

The LNWR Inspection coach

Phil Marsh - The LNWR Inspection coach

This underframe is of interest as it is of Great North of Scotland Railway origin. It is a four wheeled all timber carriage frame with Mansell wheels on which the letters GNSR are cast on the plates which back the wooden segments. The coach frame was purchased from J. Hirst & Sons of St. Mary Bourne, Hurstbourne, Hampshire. They were the successful tenderer at the Ministry of Defence sale of surplus rolling stock at West Moors Depot, near Ringwood, early 1978. It was originally purchased by Quainton for LNWR Observation Car No. 68.

The four wheeled frame was originally six wheeled, and its only identification is MOD number 48103. It was latterly used as a flat wagon at West Moors, but Hirst's removed all the oak planking before it was moved to Quainton. It arrived in Quainton Down Yard on 17th August 1978. On arrival the timber frames, cross bracing and sole bars were in remarkably sound condition. Even the timber buffer beams were in good condition.

The draw bar springs are of the laminated type laid transversely across the frames on either side of the position of the centre axle. Some fittings suggest the vehicle was once vacuum braked although there is now only a hand brake. Another feature is the eye bolts on the buffer beams indicating that there were side chains in some time in the coaches history. It is not known if this was GNSR or Army practice. The ends of the axles are stamped LNE.

At the present time the body of LNWR Inspection Saloon No. 2119 , is stored on it, but in time this carriage will be mounted on a more suitable chassis.

Two More for the C & W - Quainton News No. 36 - Autumn 1978

Origin :- Great North of Scotland Railway Date Built :- ???? Number :- ????
Type :- Underframe Builder :- ???? Owner QRS
Status :- In Store Location :- Buffer Depot Museum Accession No.:- N/A
Arrival Date :- 1978        

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