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Actors - Sir John Betjeman

Director - Edward Mirzoeff

Writer - Sir John Betjeman

Description - A well known BBC documentary film written and narrated by the then Poet Laureate Sir John Betjeman. It was directed by Edward Mirzoeff and was first broadcast in colour on 26th February 1973, and has been repeated on BBC4. A few minutes of Quainton are shown in Quainton Railway Centre's very earliest days towards the end of the film, showing a few items of QRS stock in the distance, with a very over grown up yard. The film also features some archive still pictures of the Brill Tramway and the yards at Quainton in their prime.

Short articles appeared in Quainton News in 1976 and in Quainton News in 1972.

Rolling Stock Used - None.

Availability - Region 2 (UK) DVD with souvenir book is available. There are also excerpts on Youtube.

IMDB - Metroland

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