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LCDR 1st No. 9

LCDR Coach in Down Yard platform

Robert Frise - LCDR Coach in Down Yard platform

Inside the LCDR coach

Name Required - Inside the LCDR coach

Number 9 was built by the London, Chatham & Dover Railway, which later became part of the South Eastern & Chatham Railway. The coach went into service on the 18th October 1880, on main line trains until more modern bogie stock took its place. In 1900 in SECR service it was numbered 2405.

This 26ft long, 8ft wide First Class carriage is typical of those used on the Victorian railways of Britain between 1850 and 1890. It carried businessmen and other wealthy travellers on express trains between London Victoria, Chatham Naval Dockyard and Dover. The carriage comprises Burmese teak panelling on a timber frame, with four wooden-centred wheels and no brakes. Despite being first class, there was no heating or corridor. In cold weather, travellers brought their own blankets and hired earthenware foot-warmers from station staff. Lighting was provided by oil lamps, which fitted into the pots on the roof.

The four First Class compartments with a total of 24 seats, but the partitions and seats had been removed before the Society took possession. The wheels are of the type introduced by R C Mansell in 1848, in which the place of spokes is taken by solid sectors of hard wood in an effort to reduce vibration and noise. In this case 16 sections of Burmese teak was used.

When built it was fitted with Varley´s electronic passenger communication system for informing the guard that there was a problem. The ferrule through which the cord ran is still in the bottom centre of the end wall.

Brakes were added sometime after 1887 and electric lighting was added sometime between 1899 and 1905.

The coach was withdrawn on 31st December 1915, when it was sold to the Woolwich Arsenal for use on their private railway system. It was purchased as a shell from there in 1962 by the Quainton Railway Society for £7.00! The coach was delivered to the London Railway Preservation Society's temporary Bishops Stortford storage depot on 10 August 1962. It was stored here until it was moved to Quainton on 25th June 1969. It has since been lovingly restored. During the restoration a carpenter's name W. West, was found stamped in letters about 0.5cm high, in the door posts. This was often done as part of the original quality control system.

The coach has been extensively restored and for a period was on display in the Rewley Road Visitor Centre when this was opened to the public. It has subsequently been moved back to the Down Yard.

The Chatham is Back - Quainton News No. 47 - Autumn 1982
Quality Control in the 1880s - Tony Lyster - Quainton News No. 105 - 107 Triple Issue 2011/12

Origin :- LCDR Date Built :- 1880 Number :- LCDR - 9
SECR - 2405
Diagram :- - Lot :- -
Type :- 4 Wheel 1st Builder :- LCDR Longhenge, Battersea Owner :- QRS
Status :- Restored Location :- Down Yard - Wembley Shed Accession Number :- W/0004
Arrival Date :- LRPS - 1962 / QRS - 1969

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