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CO Car No. 53028 'A End'

CO Car No. 53028 'A End' stabled at front of LT rake

Photo: Tim Cook - CO Car No. 53028 'A End' stabled at front of LT rake

This car, original number 13028, was built in 1938 by the Birmingham Railway Carriage and Wagon Company. It was an ´O´ Class Motor Car with Metadyne controls, was delivered on 6 June 1938 and entered service on 10 October. It was first used on the Hammersmith and City line services in London. As built, it had an automatic coupler that incorporated all the electrical and pneumatic supplies in one connection.

In 1961 it was given a new number – 53028 – redesignated CO stock - when its controls were changed from Metadyne to PCM (resistance type) control at Acton Works. This was because the Metadyne stock could not run with the standard District Line PCM controlled vehicles as the control systems were different.

The Metadyne system used a 4.5 ton generator carried under the coach, to supply current to the motors at exactly the rate required for acceleration. It returned current to the tracks during deceleration giving a smooth, jerk free ride. The cost of electricity used to carry the generator around however, outweighed the value of the regenerated electricity put back into the track and the equipment was removed from many of the cars.

It transferred to the District line in 1971 and continued in service until 1982. It was briefly used as a Pilot Car at Ruislip Depot until it was bought for preservation the following year, purchased by the Underground Railway Rolling Stock Trust (URRST) in 1983. The car was transported by road to the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre on the 30 June 1984.

53028 formed with a set with 013063, the vehicles staying together all their working lives.

Origin :- London Transport Date Built :- 1938 Number :- 53028
Type :- CO Builder :- BRC&W Owner :- URRST
Status :- Under Restoration Location :- Up Yard on dedicated track Accession Number :- N/A
Arrival Date :- 1983        

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