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BR PMVY Chassis No. DB975565(3?)

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Robert Frise - PMVY chassis stored outside buffer depot

This vehicle was originally purchased for this chassis. It was one of a lot of four similar vehicles, three went to the Bluebell Railway and one to Quainton. All the chassis of these vehicles are eventually intended for the installation of vintage coach bodies.

Built at BR Ashford to diagram 3103, lot number 3590 in 1951. In 1964 the vehicle was converted to air brake working. Withdrawn from mainline duty it became a departmental Staff & Tool Van at Woking.

From markings on the the PMVY at Quainton, it is believed to be DB975565, formerly S1476S. However, there is some confusion, as other records show that DB975565 was originally S1647S, and DB975563 was S1476S. Markings also indicate that the vehicle has a last lift date of 16th April 1975, and a last body overhaul on the same date.

The chassis was donated to the London Transport Museum for the restoration of Metropolitan Railway First Jubilee 353. For the present the body will remain in use as a temporary stores.

Origin :- BR Date Built :- 1951 Number :- Departmental - DB975565(3?)
BR - S1476S?/S1647S?
Type :- PMVY Chassis - Parcels & Miscellaneous Van Builder :- BR Ashford Owner QRS
Status :- In Store Location :- Buffer Depot Accession No. :- W/????
Arrival Date :- TBC

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