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Doctor Who - Black Orchid

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BBC© - Screen shot of Quainton Platform 1 shortly before the Tardis materialises
BBC© - Screen shot of Dr Who appearing from the Tardis on Quainton's Platform 1

Actors - Peter Davison, Sarah Sutton, Janet Fielding

Director - Ron Jones

Writer - Terence Dudley

Description - This two part Dr Who episode featured the Tardis landing on Platform 1 of Quainton station, with the station masquerading as Cranleigh Halt. Featured the fifth doctor Peter Davidson. The 2008 DVD release includes a "then and now" extra, reviewing the film locations - including approximately 2 minutes at the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre.

A very brief glimpse of Quainton's Platform 1, with the Tardis, appeared on the 2013 Doctor Who: The Ultimate Guide, part of the 50th Anniversary celebrations, as an excerpt from the Black Orchid episode.

Rolling Stock Used - N/A

Availability - The episode is currently available on DVD from Amazon .
A detail episode guide is available on the BBC website

IMDB - Black Orchid.

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