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Hudswell Clarke 0-4-0ST No. 1742 Millom

Millom on a Down Yard train shortly after a repaint

Andrew Bratton - Millom on a Down Yard train shortly after a repaint

Millom on 29 July 1959 at Millom Ironworks awaiting repair

Lelux - Millom on 29 July 1959 at Millom Ironworks awaiting repair

This locomotive was built by Hudswell Clarke in 1946 for the Ministry of Supply. On delivery it was sent to the West Chirton depot near Wallsend, Northumberland. After two years it was 'posted' to the WD Proof and Experimental Establishment, Eskmeals, Cumberland. In February 1957, it was deemed surplus to requirements and sold to the Millom and Askham Haematite and Iron Co Ltd.

After delivery to the ironworks, the engine was stored until 1963, then given a full overhaul and set to work at the Hodbarrow ironstone mine. When Hodbarrow closed, the loco returned to Millom and at about this time it gained a set of buffers from a Sentinel loco. In 1968 Millom Haematite ceased operation so Hudswell Clarke 1742 became surplus to requirements. Sold by the receivers, the engine was purchased by a QRS member, arriving at Quainton on 22nd March 1970. Two other locomotives from Millom Haematite, David and Alexandra, both 0-4-0ST Barclay locomotives, are preserved at the Lakeside & Haverthwaite Railway.

Operating from Easter 1970, the locomotive gave valuable service during the formative years of the Quainton Railway Centre but inevitably, as with all working locomotives, an overhaul became necessary, and the engine had to be withdrawn from service. During this time the loco became the property of the Quainton Railway Society. The loco apparently needed some fairly major work to be done on the firebox. So it was cosmetically restored as a static exhibit and remained so until it became practical to undertake full restoration. The locomotive was named Millom on preservation, after its place of work.

Millom's boiler was sent to a specialist contractor, Maskell's of Bedford, who confirmed that the boiler and firebox are sound. The boiler was then re-tubed and had a successful hydraulic test in November 2006 and out of frames steam test on 11th December 2006. During restoration it at first appeared that the frames were bent or out of line, due to the uneven main bearing wear. Subsequent investigations revealed that the wheel diameters were in fact 3/8 of an inch smaller on the right hand side of the locomotive. This had caused the accelerated wear of the main bearings on the left-hand side of the locomotive, to the extent that the bearings had worn away the oil groves.

The wheels where sent to Bill Parker's Flour Mill workshops for turning of the tyres and journals, and at the same time a pattern made for replacement axle box crown bearings. The wheels were refitted in January 2007, followed by the valve gear being erected in late that month. The boiler was reunited with the frames on 31st March 2007. Millom finally moved under her own steam for the first time since the early 1970's on the 7th November 2007, with the last major milestone being a successful test with a fully operational vacuum brake system on 30th January 2008.

Millom returned to operation for the 2008 season and spent some time travelling to other locations. In July 2008 Millom spent the weekend of 5th - 6th July at the Bressingham, before a longer trip to the Lincolnshire Wolds Railway from August 2008. Millom has since had the privilege of operating the first fare paying passenger train on the Lincolnshire Wolds Railway's extension to North Thoresby Station since 11 September 1961. In March 2011 Millom was transferred to the Up Yard where Millom has worked passenger and brake van rides.

Millom was been stripped for its 10 year inspection. By September 2016 the boiler successfully passed its out of frames steam test in front of the boiler inspector on the 28th September, and Millom was then reassembled. Millom was operational from the 2017 season. During March and April 2019 Millom visited the Avon Valley Railway, near Bath, for their Mixed Traffic Gala on the 16th March, plus some additional running.

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Millom during BRC's Industrial Gala 5th May 2014

Andrew Bratton - Millom during BRC's Industrial Gala 5th May 2014

No. 1742 at Hodbarrow on 19 March 1967

Robin Lush - No. 1742 at Hodbarrow on 19 March 1967

Builder :- Hudswell Clarke Date Built :- 1946 Works No. :- 1742
Running No. :- 1 Name :- Millom Wheel Arrangement :- 0-4-0ST
Tractive Effort :- 6, 800 lb Boiler Pressure :- 160 psi Cylinder Dimensions :- 10" x 16"
Weight :- 20t 0c Driving Wheel Dia. :- 3' 0" Owner :- QRS
Status :- Operational Location :- Down Yard Shed Accession Number :- W/0021
Arrival Date :- Quainton 1970 / QRS 1979

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