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Wagon Turntable

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Tony Lyster - Wagon Turntable in store

This wagon turntable arrived, unexpectedly, on a lorry from Brackley. It had been dug up by contractors surfacing a car park who, realising what it was, thought that the QRS should have it! It is standard gauge and is XX feet in diameter. It sustained some damage to the outer wall during removal before the contractors realised what it was. Various schemes have been put forward for its display but none have come to fruition yet. A source of bridge rail has been found to replace the missing bits. These wagon turntables were once a common feature in restricted areas in early goods yards and later in industry.


Origin :- ??? Date Built :- ???? Number :- ????
Type :- Turntable Builder :- ??? Owner QRS
Status :- In Store Location :- In Store

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