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Tube Wagon No. 801

Tube Wagon stabled in Down Yard

Robert Frise - Tube Wagon stabled in Down Yard

No. 801 is ex-Great Western Railway, believed to be a "C" type wagon. It has a steel underframe, loose couplings and single pinned down type brakes.

For many years it worked for the Admiralty at Chatham Dockyard as an internal user wagon. In 2002, as it was surplus to requirements, it was donated to QRS under the Museum Regulations, Quainton being a registered museum.

Origin :- Great Western Railway Date Built :- 1930s ? Number :- 801
Diagram :- Lot :- Capacity :- 15 ton
Type :- 4-plank tube wagon Builder :- Unknown Wheelbase :-
Owner :- QRS Status :- Awaiting Restoration Location :- Down Yard
Accession No.: W/0107 Arrival Date :- 2002    

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