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Lance Adlam - Picnic Saloon Being Moved into Rewley Road Station- 21st March 2002
Lance Adlam - Traverser during construction - 19th November 2001

The Buckinghamshire Railway Centre obtained this modern traversing table from Mechan Rail, who were at the time building a longer one for Railtrack, for use in their Chart Leacon depot. We managed to do a deal that as long as we were able to order ours in the same timeframe, they could use all the set up equipment that they had in the factory, as soon as the Railtrack table was complete. Ours has one less rail than the Railtrack version, which was being built for the longer modern carriages.

Quainton's Architect was given a copy of the setting out dimensions and levels, and was responsible for setting up the ground engineering to support the traversing tracks. These had to be as near level as possible, and at the end of a very cold day we had all the tracks levelled in to within 3mm, for both the table traversing tracks and the table level tracks to run stock into Rewley Road. The lorry with the traverser sections arrived on site on a wet morning, 19th November 2001, and the traverser was unloaded by crane onto the new tracks and assembled within 2-3 days.

The funding for this traverser came from the Heritage Lottery funding awarded as part of the relocation of Rewley Road to the site. We wish to record out thanks to both the Heritage Lottery fund and Mechan Rail for their assistance for this project.


Origin :- Mechan Rail Date Built :- 2001 Number :- N/A
Type :- Traverser Builder :- Mechan Rail Owner QRS
Status :- In Service Location :- Up Yard Accession No.:- TBC

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