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Aveling and Porter 0-4-0WT No. 3567 Sydenham

Sydenham outside Wembley Shed

Robert Frise - Sydenham outside Wembley Shed

Sydenham was built in 1895 and is typical of the machines built by Aveling and Porter, Rochester, Kent, for railway use. Aveling and Porter are better known for their traction engines. It is a compound and thus it has a small diameter high-pressure cylinder and a large diameter low-pressure cylinder. Both are mounted on top of the boiler and drive the four wheels via a system of gears. Water is carried in a rear mounted 'tender tank' and fed to the boiler with either the injector or pump.

First home for Sydenham was the Erith, Kent, wharf of Beadle Brothers (later William Cory and Sons). It worked there until 1924 when it was sold to the neighbouring Erith Oil Works, who had it rebuilt in 1931. This firm later became British Oil and Cake Mills. In about 1953 they purchased a diesel shunter and Sydenham was laid up, with the company's other Aveling and Porter loco being retained as a spare.

Eventually, in the early 1960s, Sydenham was acquired by the Enfield Veteran and Vintage Vehicle Society, and ownership was later transferred to the QRS. The loco was temporarily stored at Luton before delivery to Quainton in April 1969.

Sydenham forms an interesting link with former days at Quainton Road Station, in that traffic on the Brill Tramway was worked by two Aveling and Porter locomotives between 1872 and 1894. They were single-cylinder machines and had a maximum speed of about 8 mph, taking about an hour to travel the 6 miles from Quainton Road to Brill. One of these locomotives was displayed in the London Transport Museum at Covent Garden. Whilst that museum was refurnished, No. 807, was put on display at Quainton, and remains at Quainton for the present.

Sydenham was loaned to the North Kent Industrial Locomotive Society (Chatham Dockyard) initially for up to 12 years in return for them restoring her to full working order. This was a good opportunity to have her restored by an experienced team at no cost to Quainton. She was originally due to return permanently in 2009. Her stay at Chatham was extended until 2014.

During the loan period Sydenham returned to Quainton once for a "Grand Steam and Vintage Vehicle Show" on the 17 and 18 September 2005. In September 2012 she visited the East Anglian Railway Museum, at Chappel & Wakes Colne, for their "Small Engines" event. Sydenham was joined there by former Quainton resident Blue Circle. On the 23rd May 2014 Sydenham returned to Quainton at the end of her loan period. She is currently being assessed for another 10-year overhaul, with tubes removed ready for a boiler inspection.

Sydenham in Down Yard in 2005

Colin Ashman - Sydenham in Down Yard in 2005

Gallery of Locomotives previously located at Quainton - Quainton News No. 101 - April 2009

Builder :- Aveling and Porter Date Built :- 1895 Works No. :- 3567
Running No. :- - Name :- Sydenham Wheel Arrangement :- 0-4-0WT
Tractive Effort :- 9, 033 lb Boiler Pressure :- 180 psi Cylinder Dimensions :- LP 7" x 13"
HP 13" x 13"
Weight :- - Driving Wheel Dia. :- 4' 0" Owner :- QRS
Status :- Under 10 year Repair Location :- Down Yard Shed Accession Number :- W/0006
Arrival Date :- LRPS 196x / QRS 1969

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