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Shoc Van No. B853151 / 041874

Shoc Van in short goods train in Down Yard 2009

Andrew Bratton - Shoc Van in short goods train in Down Yard 2009

Shoc vans were used for transporting glass or other breakables. The body is 12" shorter than the frames and is sprung independently, so that if there is a rough shunt when coupled loose there is a delayed shock to the contents of the van. They are the shock absorbing version of British Rail's diagram 208 standard van, are four wheeled, have an automatic vacuum brake, instanter couplings and hinged doors. They were painted with white stripes for easy identification.

This particular vehicle was one of 700 built to this diagram. The XP painted on the side of the vehicle means it could be used on express passenger trains. B853151 arrived at Quainton March 1994, from BR Cambridge.

Shoc Van shortly after arrival at Quainton

Robert Frise - Shoc Van shortly after arrival at Quainton

Origin :- British Rail Date Built :- 1956 Number :- B853151
Diagram :- 1/209 Lot :- 2865 Tare Weight :- 21 tons
Type :- Shoc Wagon Builder :- British Rail Darlington Wheelbase :- 10' 0"
Owner :- QRS Status :- Restored Location :- Buffer Depot Museum
Accession No.: W/0097 Arrival Date :- 1994    

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