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Quainton News Archive - Quainton News No. 46 - Spring / Summer 1982

BR(WR) 94XX Class 0-6-0PT No. 9466

Nine Months Work on 9466 - Dennis Howells

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J M Hutchings - Up and Away! October 1981

Restoration of the Hawksworth Pannier has continued over the winter and this spring. Last year it was decided to lift the boiler from the frames to inspect the steel outer firebox, where it is covered by the frames. Happily, after inspection, no major defects were found, although the amount of boiler work required is considerable. Following the 'lift', the Sentinel group kindly shunted what was left of 9466 onto a straight and level section of track, so that we could jack and pack the frames and run the wheels out. The opportunity now presented itself of checking axleboxes, journals and springs. All was well until the left and right leading journals were examined and it was found that the right leading journal had been ruined by corrosion from a water laden lubricating pad. This was bad news for Xmas!

1982 started by our elderly diesel compressor breaking down and, proving fit for scrap, we had to purchase a second-hand replacement. Since then, the wheels have been degreased and sandblasted prior to going to Bridgnorth for tyre turning and attention to the journals and axleboxes. Later this summer, after we have finished the frames and refitted and realigned the slide bars (they have been reground at Swindon), we expect to re-wheel the engine. Another job this year is to send the springs away for overhaul and testing to a specialist firm in the Midlands. Then there is the fitting of the boiler and firebox cleating sheets - and we'll be thinking of 1983!

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D Howells - The Damaged Journal- Right Leading

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Nine Months Work on 9466 - Dennis Howells - Quainton News No. 46 - Spring / Summer 1982

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