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New York Subway Car No. 1144

In previous location as part of our refreshments facility

Cyril Crouch - In previous location as part of our refreshments facility

Passenger friendly notices...

Terry Walden - Passenger friendly notices...

1144 was one of a batch of 250 cars ordered under contract R6-3 built by American Car & Foundry (ACF) in 1935 (car numbers 900 to 1149), to a design that was used from 1930 – 1945. It was constructed for use on the Independent Subway System (IND) and was used in service on the ´A´ line as well as other routes on the IND. This continued on the New York City Subway System when the three individual subway companies ´IRT´, ´BMT´, ´IND´ were amalgamated in 1940.

It is similar to units preserved in the New York Transit Museum. The dimensions are 60' 2.5" x 10' x 12' 2" high, and originally fitted with 56 seats. The vehicle is typical of New York Subway practice in that it has driving cabs at each end, this resulting in very flexible stock. The negative aspects of this practice are the loss of seating space, and the additional cost as every car has to be provided with traction and control equipment, air compressors, couplers and shoe gear.

1144 was withdrawn for scrapping in 1976/7 along with the rest of its type. However, in 1978/9 fate intervened and it was purchased by a northern brewery and shipped to England for conversion as an "American Diner" called "Zaks on the Tracks" at a club in Stockton-on-Tees. It was in service for about eight years, when Whitbread Breweries took the club over as a pub, and Zaks became surplus to their requirements. They generously donated it to the Society where it was put into use as part of the refreshment facilities. With the commissioning of the new restaurant in Rewley Road, it is now in use as a Working Members Mess facility. Although it is altered internally, many of the original features remain, including advertisements, notices and maps of the New York Subway.

It arrived at Quainton in January 1991 and was formally presented to the Society by Mr D M Thomas, Managing Director of Whitbread Inns on 21 April. Participants in the ceremony included guests from the now closed American Air Base at Upper Heyford. The New York Transit Museum was astounded to find that this car, 1144, existed, as it was listed as scrapped in the 1970s. More details and history of all New York subway cars can be found can be found on the nycsubway.org website.

Grateful thanks to Allan S Berlin of New York for providing additional information for this entry.

In use as "Zaks on the Tracks" at Stockton-on-Tees

Robert Frise - In use as "Zaks on the Tracks" at Stockton-on-Tees

NYCar behind Rewley Road 18 April 2018

Robert Frise - NYCar behind Rewley Road 18 April 2018

Origin :- New York Subway Date Built :- 1935/6 Number :- 1144
Type :- R6-3 Builder :- ACF Owner :- QRS
Status :- Static Exhibit - External Only - Body Only Location :- Alongside Rewley Road Accession Number :- W/0045
Arrival Date :- 1990        

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