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MK I - E35192

The BSK behind Pannier L.99

Robert Frise - The BSK behind Pannier L.99

35192 is a Brake Second compartment (BSK) originally built to carry twenty-four persons in its four compartments, but this was modified for Network South East to carry thirty-two. It was mounted on B4 bogies and passed for 100 mph running. It is fitted with vacuum brakes and dual heating, and it has fluorescent compartment lights. There is a guard's compartment and a luggage area for carrying up to 2½ tons.

Purchased by Quainton in 1989. During 2006 body repairs, repainting and re-upholstery were undertaken at the East Somerset Railway.

The BSK in the Up yard November 2016

Robert Frise - The BSK in the Up yard November 2016

Origin :- British Rail Date Built :- 1958 Number :- E35192
Diagram :- 181 Lot :- 30427
Type :- BSK Brake 2nd Builder :- British Rail Wolverton Owner :- QRS
Status :- Operational Location :- Up Yard Accession Number :- W/0040
Arrival Date :- 1989

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