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The Brill Tramway

The Brill or Wotton Tramway was a private single-track railway owned by the Duke of Buckingham. It was constructed to carry staff and goods between Quainton Road station (on the Aylesbury and Buckingham Railway) and the Duke's estate at Wotton. The line was 6½ miles long and had intermediate stations at Waddesdon, Westcott, Wotton, Church Siding and Wood Siding. In its early days, the running time, with stops, was 1½ hours.

Constructional work began on 8th September, 1870; the first section, from Quainton Road to Wotton, was brought into use on 1st April, 1871, and the whole line completely to Brill by the summer of 1872. No contractors were employed on the construction of the line, except for a short time for track laying.

The railway, including sidings and two goods sheds, cost rather less than £1,400 a mile, exclusive of the value of the land. The working of the line was conducted at first by Messrs Chaplin and Horne, who estimated that annual working expenses amounted to £650, which included 10% interest on the two engines; earnings were between £1,350 and £1,400. Maintenance work was undertaken by the Duke of Buckingham.

Quainton Publications:

The history of the Brill or Wotton Tramway has been covered in a series of articles published in Quainton News in the 1970s and 1980s:

As well as the above series, a number of one off articles on the Brill Tramway have appeared in Quainton News, including:

Other Publications:

A number of books have been published about the Brill Tramway, all are currently out of print but are available second hand:

  • The Wotton Tramway (Brill Branch) - Ken Jones - The Oakwood Press - 1974
  • From Quainton to Brill: History of the Wotton Tramway - Ian Melton - London Underground Railway Society - 1984
  • The Brill Tramway Including the Railway from Aylesbury to Verney Junction - Bill Simpson - Oxford Publishing Company - 1985
  • Verney Junction to Baker Street - Bill Simpson - Lamplight Publications - 2013 - page 18-19

Station Mileage Opened to Passengers Closed to Passengers Closed to Goods
Quainton Road 0 23rd September 1868 4th March 1963 4th July 1966
Waddesdon Road 1.25 January 1872 2nd December 1935 2nd December 1935
Westcott 1.75 January 1872 2nd December 1935 2nd December 1935
Wotton 3.75 January 1872 2nd December 1935 2nd December 1935
Wood Siding 5.0 January 1872 2nd December 1935 2nd December 1935
Brill 6.25 July 1872 2nd December 1935 2nd December 1935
Kingswood Lane Coal Wharf 5.6 N/A N/A ???
Waddesdon Manor Gas Works 1.9 N/A N/A ???
Brill Brickworks Siding 5.4 N/A N/A ???

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Map_Brill.jpeg (91,147 bytes) Quainton Road Waddesdon Road Westcott Wotton Wood Siding Brill Kingswood Branch Gas Works Branch Gas Works Branch

Reproduced from the Ordnance Survey Road Map - Bicester - Sheet 94 - Popular Edition - Revised 3rd Edition 1914 - 1930 Reprint

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