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The Aylesbury Railway

At only 6.8 miles long, with only a single track, The Aylesbury Railway was never one of the major lines in the region. It branched off the London and Birmingham Railway at Cheddington, almost at right angles, and proceeded in almost a straight line to Aylesbury. The Aylesbury Railway received its parliamentary act on the 19th May 1936, though building was not commenced immediately, due to the competition from other schemes. The line was opened on the 10th June 1839, operated by the London and Birmingham Railway. This was the first line to arrive at Aylesbury, the Wycombe Railway not arriving at Aylesbury until 1863.

The Aylesbury Railway was absorbed into the London and North Western Railway (LNWR) along with the London and Birmingham Railway. The LNWR open the rebuilt the Aylesbury High Street Station on 16th June 1889, on a new adjacent site.

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  • Forgotten Railways Chilterns and Cotswolds - R Davies and M D Grant - David & Charles - 1984
  • Aylesbury Railway: The First Branch Line - Bill Simpson - OPC Railprint - 1989
  • The Aylesbury Railway - E J S Gadsden - Bledlow Press - 1962

Station Mileage Opened to Passengers Closed to Passengers Closed to Goods
Cheddington 0 10th June 1839 2nd February 1953 2nd December 1963
Marston Gate 2.6 Approx 1960 2nd February 1953 N/A
Aylesbury High Street 6.8 10th June 1839 2nd February 1953 2nd December 1963

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Map_Aylesbury.jpeg (196,811 bytes) Marston Gate Aylesbury High Street Cheddington

Reproduced from the Ordnance Survey Road Map - Luton - Sheet 95 - Popular Edition - Revised 3rd Edition 1913-14

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