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LSWR Special Passenger Luggage Van No. 5025

Returned to service in 1997 after 20 years hidden away

Phil Marsh - Returned to service in 1997 after 20 years hidden away

Built by the LSWR at a cost of £600, this vehicle was given the number 5025. Originally intended for the carriage of Milk, Fruit and Vegetables, or Fish, though these products were never mixed to avoid cross contamination or tainting. Occasionally these vans were also used to convey passenger's luggage. The van is fitted with vacuum brakes and a steam heating 'through' pipe to enable it to run in passenger trains. It features a sloping floor with a central drain. Originally the van would have been fitted with removable wire shelves, which we hope to be able to recreate. Over 200 of this type of van were built. One other van has been preserved at Bluebell Railway, but awaits restoration.

It is being restored to full LSWR passenger livery of salmon and umber with black and vermillion lining and gold blocked lettering on the doors. The running gear is being overhauled with new suspension rubbers and split pins.

When no longer required for this traffic, it was used as an ordinary luggage van and numbered 1451 by the Southern Railway in 1929, who used it until 13th September 1939. After this date it was kept at Tisbury and used as a store for agricultural merchandise. Purchased from there in 1971 by the Lea Valley Railway Group, it is now owned by the QRS.

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In the Down Yard Platform

Robert Frise - In the Down Yard Platform

Origin :- LSWR Date Built :- September 1917 Number :- LSWR -5025
SR - 1451
Diagram :- 2104 - body
2716 - underframe
Lot :- - Tare Weight :- -
Type :- 4 wheeled ventilated van Builder :- LSWR Eastleigh Owner :- QRS
Status :- Restored Location :- Rewley Road Wheelbase :- 14' 0"
Accession No.: W/0016 Arrival Date :- Quainton - 1971
QRS - 1974

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