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LMS Vestibule 3rd No. 27162

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Robert Frise - LMS Vestibule 3rd No. 27162 in Up Yard

This coach was built at Wolverton in 1945 to lot 1401, diagram 1999, being one of a batch of 350 turned out between 1945 and 1948. It is of a 'LMS Period 3' design and was one of the first carriages built by the LMS after the Second World War. The interior is of the 'open' or 'vestibule' type still commonly used today. At the time of construction this was a comparatively uncommon feature, most vehicles being of the compartment type.

During the mid-1960s, No. 27162 was withdrawn from passenger service and converted into an exhibition vehicle. In this new guise, numbered M38746M, it was hired by manufacturers who wished to display their goods or used by organisations for publicity as a part of a mobile train, which was frequently specially painted to suit the user. These vehicles were often seen in bay platforms or sidings on these duties. Wimborne Station in Dorest was frequently used to fit these exhibitions out. It toured British Rail until withdrawn in February 1978. No. 27162 was purchased from BR by a QRS member in June 1978.

In April 2009 it was purchased by the LMS Carriage Association, based at the Peak Rail, Matlock, and moved to the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway, Wirksworth, for temporary storage. It is aimed ultimately to restore the carriage to form part of a LMS rake.

The New Coaching Stock - Quainton News No. 38 Spring / Summer 1979

Origin :- LMS Date Built :- 1945 Number :- LMS - 27162
BR (after 1960s) - M38746M
Type :- Open 3rd Builder :- LMS Wolverton Status :- Awaiting Restoration

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