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British Railways Iron Ore Tippler B386917

Iron Ore Tippler stabled in Down Yard siding

Robert Frise - Iron Ore Tippler stabled in Down Yard siding

This wagon is to a standard British Rail design, one of 8,590 similar vehicles built between 1951 and 1960. It is very similar in appearance to the 16 ton mineral wagon, apart from the complete absence of doors of any form. The reason for this is that unloading was accomplished by use of a special apparatus that could completely tip the wagon over (and then right it again!); hence the code name "tippler".

A number of wagons to this design were built specifically for chalk traffic. This one worked for Castle Cement at their Pitstone Works and was donated by them in 1991.

Origin :- British Rail Date Built :- 1958 Number :- B386917
Diagram :- 1/184 Lot :- 3091 Capacity :- 27 tons
Type :- Iron Ore Tippler Builder :- British Rail - Derby Wheelbase :- 10' 0"
Owner :- QRS Status :- Stored Location :- Down Yard
Accession No.: W/0082 Arrival Date :- 1991    

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