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London Transport Hopper Wagon HW418

HW418 at Churston, Torbay & Dartmouth Line

Brian Amman - HW418 at Churston, Torbay & Dartmouth Line

HW418 was one of a batch of approximately 20 four-wheel 20 ton air braked hopper wagons built by Gloucester Carriage & Wagon for London Transport in 1951. Fitted with chutes on both sides of the wagon and in the centre, operated by the hand wheels coming up to the balcony at one end of the wagon, it is able to drop ballast on both sides of the track (cesses) as well as between the rails (four foot).

These wagons were replaced by 30 Ton bogie hopper wagons built in 1981. A large number of the four-wheel wagons were purchased by the Permanent Way Departments of various preserved railways, for further use as ballast hopper wagons. This is a use it may also get put to at the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre.

HW418 was purchased from London Transport in the mid 1980´s by the Dart Valley Railway and went to Buckfastleigh, South Devon. When the Dart Valley Railway Company, decided to give up the railway between Buckfastleigh and Totnes, now the South Devon Railway, HW418 was transferred with other stock to their other Railway at Churston, the Torbay & Dartmouth Line (Paignton to Kingswear).

In 2004 it was put up for sale, and purchased by the URRST. It was transported to The Buckinghamshire Railway Centre on the 14th September 2004.

At some time during ownership of the Dart Valley Railway Company, the Ward Couplers (low level tube couplings), buffing blocks, and air brake pipes have been removed and disposed off. A vacuum pipe was then fitted to allow working in vacuum braked trains (LT trains are all air braked). As part of its restoration, it is hoped to refit the Ward Couplings, buffing blocks (if some can be obtained) and the air pipes. The Vacuum pipe will be also be removed.

HW418 at Quainton

Robert Frise - HW418 at Quainton

Origin :- London Transport Date Built :- 1951 Number :- HW418
Type :- Ballast Wagon Builder :- Gloucester Carriage & Wagon Wheelbase :-
Owner :- URRST Status :- Awaiting Restoration Location :- Up Yard
Accession No.: N/A Arrival Date :- 2004    

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