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GL&C Co. No. TW92

GL&C Co. No. TW92 in Buffer Depot

Robert Frise - GL&C Co. No. TW92 in Buffer Depot

For many years the Beckton Gasworks was the world's largest, being started in the 1860s on what was then open marshland beside the Thames, several miles east of London. Coal arrived by sea, but all movement within the works was by rail on a multi-level network, which grew to 45 track miles with 5 signal boxes and 53 steam engines, two of which were built within the works. Immediately west of Beckton was a very large by-product plant belonging to the same company, the Gas Light and Coke Company, usually referred to as the Tar Works. It was there that this wagon, TW92, was built, probably sometime between 1880 and 1900, it is now the sole survivor of its type.

Uniquely at Quainton, TW92 has dumb buffers, the chassis side members continue beyond the body to form the buffers, there being no springs to reduce shunting shocks as in modern traction stock. If you look under the wagon you can see how the bottom of each pillar is braced to the chassis to counter the shunting shocks of loads moving in the wagon. Like the chassis the body ends are each one vast piece of tree, although planks are used in the sides.

The axle boxes, like Quainton's Metropolitan ballast wagon, use grease for lubrication instead of oil. Grease was discontinued on railways because of its inability to flow until warmed up and its tendency to catch fire with friction - an unfortunate problem with the increase in speeds. Other points to look for on the chassis include the handle near each buffer, where a hook could be dropped over quickly when horses were used for shunting.

It was donated to the QRS by Mr J Horne and Mr J Fairman, arriving at Quainton on 7th April 1973. Restored by a member in 1992.

The Beckton Wagon - Tony Lyster - Quainton News No. 91 April 2004
The Beckton Wagon - John Horne - Quainton News No. 16 June 1973

Origin :- Gas Light & Coke Co. Date Built :- c 1880 Number :- TW92
Diagram :- - Lot :- - Capacity :- -
Type :- open goods Builder :- GL&CC Wheelbase :- 8' 6"
Owner :- QRS Status :- Restored Location :- Buffer Depot Museum
Accession No.: W/0019 Arrival Date :- 1973    

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