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LT Bogie Flat Wagon FW355

LT Flat Wagon being Unloaded in Up Yard

Brian Amman - LT Flat Wagon being Unloaded in Up Yard

This LT Flat Wagon (General purpose Wagon) was unloaded at Quainton on Thursday the 9th January 2014, arriving the night before in the Car Park, from LUL's Ruislip Depot. It was built in 1951 by Gloucester C & W, part of a fleet of approximately 30, to form part of former LT Engineers Train. All but 2 were replaced by new wagons between 1985 - 87, the life span for LT's engineering Vehicles is intended to be 40 years.

It was modified and used as Concrete Mixer Wagon, by 1982. This involved removing conventional Buffing Gear and Housing, giving access to a flat deck, provision was also made for ramps to be fitted at this end.

The concrete mixers were subsequently removed, and the Air Brake pipes raised at the blank ends to ease coupling of air hoses. The wagon was latterly used as part of a matched pair with FW351, for hauling Tamping Machines around the network using Ward Couplers (Low level tube couplers). Diesel powered tamper machines cannot run under their own power in tube tunnels.

Like all ex LT Vehicles this is air braked only.

The livery was originally LT Grey (Like Flat Brake FB578), with black deck, and white stanchions. The boards (again Grey), would at one time have been fitted all the way around the Deck. All lettering would have been in white, as would be the handbrake wheel. The livery latterly changed to yellow sides an a black deck.

The vehicles is 16.4m long and 2 to 2.5m above rail level

As there is no conventional couplings at the Aylesbury end, a solid bar with clamp to go over draw hook, is provided sitting on that end of wagon, the bar only fits in the clamp one way (which will be marked in due course). The other end fits a clevis and pin connection at floor level. A large adjustable spanner is required.

LT Flat Wagon Coupling Arrangement Detail

Brian Amman - LT Flat Wagon Coupling Arrangement Detail

Origin :- London Transport Date Built :- 1951 Number :- FW355
Diagram :- Lot :- Capacity :- -
Type :- Bogie Flat Wagon Builder :- Gloucester C & W Wheelbase :-
Owner :- URRST Status :- Awaiting Restoration Location :- Up Yard
Accession No.: N/A Arrival Date :- 2014    

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