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John Fowler & Co.
Steam Plough and Locomotive Works, Leeds

This company was established in 1850 by John Fowler, whose speciality was the manufacture of steam ploughs and other farming equipment. It was not until after his death in 1864 that the first railway locomotives were built, twenty-two units produced for customers in England, Ireland and Mexico during 1866.

Eventually Fowlers became famous for their industrial and narrow gauge engines built for sugar plantations, mines and quarries all over the world. 1923 saw the the company produce its first diesel locomotive and by 1936 it was totally committed to this form of traction. By the mid-60s, however, the competition in the field was so great that it was deemed more profitable to concentrate on other forms of engineering. So in 1968 the railway side of the business was sold to Andrew Barclay Sons & Co. of Kilmarnock.

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osram_l.jpg (182,086 bytes) Fowler 0-4-0DM No. 20067 Osram

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