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BR Flatrol No. B900103

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Robert Frise - Ivatt 41298's boiler on the Flatrol

This Flatrol equipment carrier, built to a LNER design, was one of a total of nine from this lot.

Before acquisition it had had its cast steel tyres reprofiled to the British Rail BRP 1 profile. It was disposed of by British Rail's Southern Civil Engineers' department, being withdrawn from service in May 1978. It has a capacity of 21.5 tons on a four-wheel trolley with baulks. It had a British Rail TOPS code of ZVP.

It arrived at Quainton from Woking on 24th April 1981, and departed for the Isle of Wight Steam Railway during 2006 as part of a transfer of Ivatt Trust vehicles to the Isle of Wight.

Three More for the Ivatt Trust - Quainton News No. 44 Summer / Autumn 1981

Origin :- British Rail (Eastern Division) Date Built :- 1953 Number :- B900103
Diagram :- 2/516 Lot :- 2218 Tare Weight :- 21 tons
Type :- General Equipment Carrier Builder :- Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering Co., Chepstow Wheelbase :- 22' 6"
Owner :- Ivatt Trust Status :- -

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