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BR Drewry 0-6-0DM No. D2298

D2298 in British Railways livery - 2003

Robert Frise - D2298 in British Railways livery - 2003

D2298 in Derwent Valley Light Railway livery - 1982

Robert Frise - D2298 in Derwent Valley Light Railway livery - 1982

This locomotive belongs to a class introduced in 1952, one of the first diesel types mass-produced by British Railways. D2298 itself was not built until October 1960, however, becoming one of a class that was to total 141 (D2200 - D2340; later known as class 04). The locomotives were ordered by BR from Drewry Car Co., who in turn had them built by other contractors. This particular machine was built by Robert Stephenson and Hawthorns of Newcastle, their works No. 8157 and Drewry No. 2679.

D2298 was sent new to Lincoln and spent most of its time on BR working from there or Boston or Colwick depots. On 7 July 1968 the locomotive was sent to Gateshead but was withdrawn from service in December of that year after only eight years work. This was due to a change of BR freight policy, 'wagon load' traffic was gradually phased out in favour of block trains which do not require sorting in marshalling yards. Thus hundreds of engines like D2298 were withdrawn after very short working lives.

D2298 was purchased from British Rail in April 1969 by the Derwent Valley Light Railway. The DVLR was opened on 27 July 1913 between York (Layerthorpe) and Cliff Common, near Selby, and was one of the few railway companies not affected by either grouping or nationalisation. In 1926 the DVLR became freight only, but for a brief period in the late 1970s, tourist-type passenger trains were run using a steam locomotive. At the DVLR, D2298 became No. 1 and received the name Lord Wenlock after the first chairman of the company. In 1982 it worked the very last passenger train on the DVLR, an enthusiasts special, afterwards being put up for sale. The line was then cut short and worked by BR locomotives.

In October 1982, No. 1 arrived at Quainton, having been purchased by a QRS member. It was put straight into service as No. 1 Lord Wenlock, but has since been repainted in the original BR green livery as D2298.

It spent several years out of service, due to engine trouble. The locomotive, now owned by the QRS, required a fairly lengthy overhaul. On going maintenance required a major repair to the drive shaft during 2009. D2298 was repainted into British Railways green livery recently from the British Railways blue livery of recent years.

On 25th May 2017 D2298 left Quainton for the East Lancs Railway Small Engines Weekend on the 3rd and 4th June. On her return on the 7th June D2298 was returned to the Downyard.

D2298 in Derwent Valley Light Railway livery - 1982

Robert Frise - The 04 looking immaculate after a repaint in May 2016

Builder :- Robert Stephenson and Hawthorn Date Built :- 1960 Origin :- British Railways
Number :- D2298 Alternate Numbers :- RSHD 8157
DC 2679
Name :- (Lord Wenlock)
Wheel Arrangement :- 0-6-0DM Tractive Effort :- 16, 850 lb
204 hp
Boiler Pressure :- n/a
Cylinder Dimensions :- n/a Weight :- 29t 15c Driving Wheel Dia. :- 3' 7"
Owner :- QRS Status :- Under Maintenance Location :- Down Yard
Accession Number :- W/0022 Arrival Date :- Quainton October 1982
QRS 1991

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