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BR Brake Van No. B955112

B955112 outside Up Yard shed

Tim Cook - B955112 outside Up Yard shed

B955112 is vacuum and air brake piped, with guard's application valve.

It was used latterly within London Underground's Ruislip Depot to be the leading vehicle of London Underground stock transfer trains which required to be propelled by a British Rail locomotive to and from the exchange siding at West Ruislip.

B955112 arrived at Quainton from London Transport in May 1994.

Van shortly after arriving from LT

Robert Frise - Van shortly after arriving from LT

Origin :- British Rail Date Built :- 1956 Number :- BR - B955112
LT - LT95802
Diagram :- Lot :- 2657
Type :- 20 ton Builder :- Metropolitan Carriage
& Wagon Co.
Wheelbase :- 16' 0"
Owner :- QRS Status :- Cosmetic Restoration Location :- Up Yard
Accession No. :- W/0101 Arrival Date :- 1994    

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