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BR Brake Van No. B952510

BR Brake Van No. B952510 in Down Yard

Robert Frise - BR Brake Van No. B952510 in Down Yard

This British Rail standard brake van is one of 350 built to this lot, with a total of 2,855 being built to this diagram. It is fitted with a through-vacuum pipe which, though not acting on its own brakes, allows the guard to work the train's fitted brakes. It is based on an earlier North Eastern Railway design, its main ballast being concrete in floor and between the frames at each end.

It had a general repair in 1971, and was withdrawn from BR service in July 1987.

A chassis of an identical brake van arrived at site in December 2002, intended to be used to carry a vintage coach body.

Origin :- British Rail Date Built :- 1954 Number :- B952510
Diagram :- 1/506 Lot :- 2605
Type :- 20 ton Builder :- British Rail Darlington Wheelbase :-
Owner :- QRS Member Status :- Operational Location :- Up Yard
Accession No. :- N/A Arrival Date :- 1987    

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