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MK I - Mess Coach No. E4066 / BB99017 / CC99017

Balfour Beatty Mess Coach alongside Rewley Road

Robert Frise - Balfour Beatty Mess Coach alongside Rewley Road

Balfour Beatty Mess Coach alongside Traverser

Robert Frise - Balfour Beatty Mess Coach alongside Traverser

BB99017 arrived at Quainton Autumn 2002. It is a Mark 1 mess coach latterly used by Balfour Beatty and was in store at Ashford in Kent. It has four sleeping compartments, a shower, toilet and a kitchen where around six or seven people can congregate.

The coach was formerly a Staff and Dormitory Coach, No. CC99017, on the Nomix-Chipman Weed Killing Train. It was converted from Mark I TSO E4066, which was built to lot number 30149, diagram 93 (AC204) by British Railways Ashford/Swindon. These were ordered March 1954 and the order was completed by March 1957. Originally vacuum braked, upon transfer to the Southern Region it was fitted with air brakes and Commonwealth bogies.

It was due to be converted to a Class 90 driver training train coach No. DB 977630 but this was cancelled. It is one of ten of these vehicles from this lot in preservation. The bogies are in excellent condition, and externally it is in reasonable condition. Internally it requires overhaul.

Origin :- British Railways Date Built :- 1954 - 1957 Number :- CC99017
Type :- Mess Coach
formerly TSO
Builder :- British Railways Ashford / Swindon Owner :- QRS
Status :- Requires Overhaul Location :- Up Yard Accession Number :- W/0123
Arrival Date :- 2002

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