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BR Open Wagon B312450

B312450 shortly after delivery

Robert Frise - B312450 shortly after delivery

B312450 is an open mineral wagon with a steel body, built for coal traffic. It is one of 1,500 built to this lot, with 2,450 of this diagram built altogether. It is vacuum braked and fitted with instanter couplings.

Typically these wagon types were withdrawn when this type of train was replaced by merry-go-round trains or if a colliery closed. Withdrawn by British Rail at Bescot in November 1988.

Repainted B312450 in Down Yard

Robert Frise - Repainted B312450 in Down Yard

Origin :- British Rail Date Built :- 1962 Number :- B312450
Diagram :- 1/120 Lot :- 3430 Capacity :- 21 ton
Type :- Open mineral Builder :- British Rail Derby Wheelbase :- 12' 0"
Owner :- QRS Status :- Operational Location :- Down Yard
Accession No.:- W/0060 Arrival Date :- 1988    

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